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  • 왜 - Why
  • 어디 - Where
  • 무엇이 - What (with the subject marker)
  • 무엇을 - What (with the object marker)
  • 뭐/뭣 - What (contraction of 무엇)
  • 뭘 - Contraction of 무엇을
  • 어느 - Which
  • 언제 - When
  • 어떻게 - How (adverb form of the verb 어떻다 which could be translated as 'to be how')
  • 누가/누구 - Who (누가 is used as a subject while 누구 is used as an object)
  • 어떤 - What kind of
  • 무슨 - What (kind of)
  • 얼마/얼마나 - How (much/many)

Both 어떤 and 무슨 are translated into English as 'what kind of ~). The difference is that the former is considered from a subjective point of view e.g. 그분이 어떤 여자예요? 아름다운 여자예요. The latter on the other hand is objective. 무슨 꽃을 사고 싶어요? 붉은 꽃 사고 싶어요.

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