S + (으)면 그래요

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Grammar pattern : It happens/ is like that if S


Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: If there is no 받침 or if the adjective/verb stem has ㄹ as a 받침
Rule 2: If there is a 받침 at the end of the adjective/verb stem

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
"개가 왜 짖어요?"
"누가 오면 그래요."
"Why is your dog baking?"
"She does that if someone comes to my house."
Polite informal form
"니 컴퓨터가 갑자기 꺼졌어."
"컴퓨터를 오래 쓰면 그래."
"Hey, your computer switched off all of a sudden."
"It happens if I use the computer for a long while."
Low form
"아기가 웃고 있네요."
"기분 좋으면 그래요.
"Look at your baby, she's smiling."
"She does like if she feels good."
Polite informal form
"얼굴이 붉어졌네요?"
"열이 조금 있어서 그래요."
Polite informal form
"사장님은 정말 화가 나."
"늦으면 그래."
"The boss is really mad."
"That's what happens when you're late."
Informal form


  • Special pronunciation rule?

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