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TOPIK, or Test of Proficiency in Korean (hangul: 한국어능력시험 hanja: 韓國語能力試驗) is a Korean language test offered twice annually to foreigners in Korea and people studying Korean in other countries. TOPIK is administered by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation.

Previous tests

Previous tests are viewable and downloadable on the TOPIK website. For your convenience we've zipped the test into one file since the website makes it a bit inconvenient to download.

Date Level File
2010-11-12 Beginners (초급) download
2010-11-12 Intermediate (중급) download
2010-11-12 Advanced (고급) download
2010-10-15 Beginners (초급) download
2010-10-15 Intermediate (중급) download
2010-10-15 Advanced (고급) download
2010-10-15 Business (실무) download