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a program for ppl just starting to learn korean

Hello, I have an idea about an interactive program that this wikiproject could make and host (but i dont know how to program). It'd be for ppl who know very little Korean or none at all.

Its topic would be the "directional" nature of the vowels, for each of which there is a directional opposite.

for example, the designation of the following sounds -- (ahh) & (uhh), (oh), (oo), (eau), (eee) / (eh) -- "make sense" in that it wouldn't "make sense" otherwise - (oo) & (uhh), (ah), (eee), (oh), (eau) / (eh)

If there was a program or a sort of a game in which people had to guess by process of elimination the appropriate fit between a vowel sound in audio and the vowel character, i think it'd be fun & lead to an "aha it's logic, not all-out memorization" kind of realization. What do you think? (Chunbum Park 01:25, 11 July 2009 (UTC))