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I've started to edit some of the slang, but still not sure what the idea is for formatting. For now, I'm putting all slang and slang synonyms to the left of the hyphen and any English or Korean non-slang synonyms to the right. It's part of speech is in parentheses and emboldened and any literal translations I can provide are tacked on the end with (Literally, XXXXX).

I'm thinking that eventually, each word should have it's own page where users can place examples, grammar information, origins, etymology, Hanja, etc. This will make for many small pages, but it'll be cleaner looking and easier to use the Search functionality to find information.

First welcome!Good to see you already contributing. Yes you are right, eventually the words do need to get broken into their own pages. I'm thinking of adding some kind of table that will go on the right side for explaining if the slang is appropriate for people older than you, strangers, women etc --Bluesoju 15:19, 15 July 2009 (UTC)