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This is a work in progress. Go away. Currently collecting and compiling information...


  • From Wikipedia: The highest six levels are generally grouped together as jondaetmal (존댓말), while the lowest level (haeche, 해체) is called banmal (반말) in Korean.
  • Need to page through Using Korean and find the speech forms.
  • Need to document examples of all these.
  • Need to distinguish levels in examples used throughout grammar pages on this wiki. Need appropriate linking.
  • Need to compose tree structure of speech levels:
    • For example, 존댓말 supposedly contains 6 levels within it. What are these levels?
  • (to be extended)


Levels of speech (말)

(Table stolen from another page ^^ )

Name Forms Type Style Usage
~해 반말
해요 ~해요 존댓말
해라 ~한다 존댓말
하게 ~하네 존댓말
하오 ~하오 존댓말
합쇼 ~합니다 존댓말
하소서 ~하나이다 존댓말