Untranslatable words

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These are terms that don't translate exactly from Korean to English and therefore must be explained more in depth.

  • 소심(하다) <> - (1) Someone who is timid, to be timid. (2) A kind of personality characterized by someone who gets upset easily and stays upset (especially against someone else). Also known to repeatedly think about things that already happened when a normal person would have forgotten about the issue already.
  • 정 <> - Strong feelings of respect and fraternity
  • 한 <> - Hardship one cannot help; usually refers to hardship and oppression similar to that evident in Korean history.
  • 병신 - a curse word similar to calling someone an idiot
  • 삐딱하게 - Usually translated as crooked, can be used to describe someone who has gone through a harsh breakup and as a result sees people in other relationships in a negative light. Can be thought of as a crooked, or skewed perspective.