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Christopher Hales
Basic Information
Gender Male
Hometown Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation student
University Brigham Young University
Major Economics


I first began learning Korean back in 2004 when I became an LDS missionary called to serve in South Korea. After attending the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah for about two and a half months, I flew to Taejeon (대전), South Korea to formally begin my mission there. I lived in Cheongju (청주), Hongseong (홍성), Cheonan (천안), Mokpo (목포), Taejeon (대전), and then back to Cheonan (천안). After completing my mission in the summer of 2006, I returned to Brigham Young University where I am currently majoring in economics and minoring in Korean.

LG Internship

In 2008, I had the opportunity to return to South Korea as an intern for LG Electronics. I worked at their Changwon (창원) facilities. I helped to translate documents from Korean to English, and I also worked in the Learning Resource Group. While in the Learning Resource Group, I interviewed foreign workers about training that they were receiving. I then helped my work group to understand the challenges that the foreign workers were facing.