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Random Tidbits

The many Faces of Dumpling
Basic Information
Gender Female
Age 19 (한국 나이 20)
Blood type B(+)
Hometown Seoul
Current location USA---Louisiana
Native languages Korean, English, Spanish
University LSU
Major Biology Major
Studying Korean since I came to America speaking Korean and Spanish fluently, but eventually lost most of my vocabulary.
Music I listen to Everything.
Movies/drama Tae-Guk-Ki never fails to make me cry.
Hobbies Drawing.
‎(ó㉨ò)ノ♡ Hallo

Hello. I'm student at in the USA, currently in sophomore in college. I'm on this wiki to not only re-learn my old Korean that I used to speak so fluently, but help others learn this language with more ease. I find this site to be an interesting concept and it would be an honor to contribute to this wiki. I'm usually quick to respond, so any questions you have, you can e-mail me or set up a discussion section on my talk page. And if I happen to edit anything of yours, don't be offended. Rest assured, most of the content will still be there, I'll usually only edit your entries if it looks messy. I like things to be aesthetic pleasing and easy to read.