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Basic Information
Gender male
Age 28
Blood type ?
Hometown Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Current location Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Native languages English, Dutch
Occupation Software Development
University VU University Amsterdam
Major Computer science
Korean Language School Korean School of Amsterdam
Studying Korean since October 2008
Food 비빔밥, Hungarian, Greek
Hobbies Travel, biking
Facebook ikzelf
Cyworld ikzelf


Hey there, I'm Kasper from Amsterdam.

I'm planning to do some of the day to day management at KWP the coming time. Contact me if you find any technical or other issues on KWP.

I've studied for a summer semester at ICU (now called KAIST-ICC) in Daejeon. There, I got hooked on the Korean language and culture. These days, I'm taking some Korean classes as a hobby. Unfortunately, at the current pace it will take the best part of eternity to become fluent in Korean. I still enjoy it though.

The Korean Wiki Project has been quite a valuable resource for my Korean learning, so I'd like to contribute back a bit.

As for work: I run a small software development house in Amsterdam.

If you're on the Korean Wiki Project, feel free to add me on Facebook or Cyworld.


I'll try to keep a bit of a log of progress on recent changes.

March 19th, 2014:

  • Starting to apply more draconian anti-spam methods
  • Fixed the editor, the toolbar with buttons should be available again

March 18th, 2014: So far, mostly focussing on technical stuff:

  • Moved KWP server to new server
  • Turned on account creation (for now, lets see if we can manage the spam)
  • Turned on short URL's to make the page addresses prettier
  • Added favicon
  • fixed some annoyances like broken links