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French, living in the UK in Love with Korean (even if not motivated enough at the moment to really learn it).

I'm trying to re-organise French Translation (in particular regroup all in French category, add navigation help...), once done I'll try to translate some new article (at my level).

PS : I contributed to the Wikibooks Coréen and Korean (but I don't have Korean learning classes anymore (so no "free" note to use) and most book I have are copyrighted or at least CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-ND protected, so are not allowing a use even in wikipedia :( )

Here at least there is a lot of content to translate and it seems the creator have received the right to translate (with same license or CC BY-NC-SA)

Hope to have other people interested by translating ( or even work on a complete course on wikibooks! )