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Hello everyone,
nice to see you on my page. I started contributing in the KWP by translating some TTMIK lessons.

My background regarding Korean:

  • Attended Yonsei KLI Level 1 in fall semester 2010.
  • Native German speaker from Germany

Besides that...

  • I speak Vietnamese and English fluently
  • and I'm learning Mandarin Chinese by now

So why do I contribute? I'm doing this because I'm learning Korean by TTMIK and I think it's an awesome ressource.
Learning languages should free for most of the part, that's why I don't support podcasts that remind you tons of time to get their premium subscription... Since it's free, I am profiting from the content and by re-authoring it, I can contribute the the community. Since I'm reading it in English anyways, translating is just a little step in learning and reviewing it.

Also visit my blog: Koreanized blog