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Short Bio Thing

I expect this is intended as a sort of short bio thing, so we can all understand each others' origins while discussing points of view in various articles. Well, I was born in the US, Indiana, and my parents shortly thereafter joined the great post-WWII migration to the San Fernando Valley in California, where I lived from 1948 to 1958. We all moved back to Indiana where I did high school and college, then joined the Peace Corps. I went to Korea, specifically Hwasoon [[1]]in South Cholla province, and did tuberculosis control work. As a result of that, and because of my admiration for the provincial TB control officer, Dr. Kil Pyounghwa, I decided to become an epidemiologist, something that still defines me today. I also began studying martial arts at a little moodukwan [[2]] gym in Hwasoon, and have continued martial arts to this day. I married at the end of my tour in Peace Corps, to one of the Peace Corps language staff. She helps me keep my Korean language fluent, although she doesn't care much for my Hwasoon accent, and she also loves talking about Korean recent and current politics, something she comes by naturally by virtue of being a member of an influential clan, the Min family [[3]].

I took my epidemiology degrees in Seattle, at UW, a lovely time it was, and have since shifted around various institutions, finally ending up in 2002 back where I started from, almost, in Pasadena, working in the research part of a certain very large integrated health care system. I have since retired and am keeping busy with a variety of projects, many involving my Peace Corps experience and friends.