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Tania 1.jpg
Basic Information
Gender female
Age too much :)
Blood type A
Hometown Auronzo di cadore, Italy
Current location Paris, France
Native languages Italian
Occupation Project management
Korean Language School May 2010
Music I have no preferences, it depends on my mood!
Movies/drama Secret garden , Can you hear my heart ...
Food I love italian food the most :)
Hobbies cinema, theater, kdrama, kpop, travelling, read......


Hi my name is Tania. I am italian but I live in France since 1997. I have been always interested in foreign languages. I have started learning French, English, Spanish, that are more or less similar to Italian and now I'm learning Korean. Why? Because, in my opinion, only throughout the study of a language you can really understand the deepest essence of a nation: the culture, the history, the people behaviour, the food, etc...