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Basic Information
Gender Female
Age 27
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Hometown Fort Worth, TX, USA
Current location Saitama, Japan
Native languages English, Japanese
Occupation Translator / Interpreter
University St. Olaf, MN, USA / Nagasaki Gai-Dai, Nagasaki, Japan
Major Art, Asian Studies, Japan Studies
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Studying Korean since {{{studysince}}}
Music Ellegarden, Lifehouse
Food chi-kama, 불닭
Hobbies 노래방, 기타, 어학


I'm an American that has been living in Japan for the past 4 years, working as a translator and interpreter in various fields. I started to study Korean after I passed the top level of the Japanese proficiency test because the two languages are the most similar in their field and I just like languages in general. Due to their similarities, I have found it incredibly useful to study Korean in Japanese as the grammar explanations are straightforward as the sentence structure is identical, and both languages have a plethora of vocabulary based off of Chinese characters which often results in almost identical pronunciation.

One thing that Japanese fails to do though, is provide an accurate description of the pronunciation of 한굴 due to the limited vowels and lack of final consonants in the Japanese language. I would really like to find a better way of explaining pronunciation for beginners learning in Japanese because starting off with inaccurate pronunciation can be a very difficult problem to fix later...

Other Than That

I really don't know much about editing wikis, but I'd like to help out. Somehow I haven't been able to find the information I need to figure things out quite yet, so I'd welcome any links/ support heh =D

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