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Hey Bean, glad to have you on board. Thanks for your contributions. About 심뉵, after putting that comment in the page I happened to find out that the underlying form might be 십륙, which is why it's pronounced that way. Also North Korea happens to spell it 십륙. I think you said it becomes a ㅁ between vowels, but I believe thats incorrect. For example look at: 입어, 씹어,they are not pronounced as ㅁ. 십륙 does have the assimilation rule where ㅂ goes to ㅁ, then ㄹ must become a nasal ㄴ sound.

I also saw you want to do your own sections on here; you don't need our permission to do that. The goal of this wiki is to be the best and the most complete resource on Korean. If you feel your section will be useful for learners of Korean, then by all means create it. If you also want to make your own kind of special section with colors instead of a plain page like Article_media_request or Help:Guidelines then that is fine as well. Also f you have any kind of input on other things on this wiki, please send me or Matt a message. --Bluesoju 02:10, 23 May 2009 (UTC)