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  • Front page should be rewritten to share both of the cofounders mutual reasons for starting this wiki project.
  • Remove the skins table temporarily. Waiting on a bug fix and the update should be posted here
  • About this site section should have 2 sections, one from each cofounder and their personal reasons why they started this wiki project. (Maybe not?)
  • Guidelines for taking photos
  • A template asking for a native speaker to clear up some issue, definition or usage. For example "This page needs clarification from a native speaker or expert. Reason: _______ "
  • For subway color usage as well as Korean colors for tables. Grey and white tables can look dull after a while.
  • Special youtube video account for our website
  • Videos or animated gifs showing conjugation in action for irregular verbs as well as the differences in V + 다가 vs V + 았 / 었 + 다가 (etc).


  • Set up forums (either vBulletin or phpBB would be fine)
  • Set up vBulletin
    • Add link from Top (to the main page) and HelpTop (to a help section)

Learning Hangeul

I've used the talk page for the Learn hangeul section to propose a format so we can begin work on it soon.

Work on toolbar

  • Remove
    • Math
  • Add
    • Languages template
    • stub template
    • notice template
    • video
    • correct template
    • incorrect template

Korean Verb Conjugater

Check out the current version at the test page

  • 0.1 (April 5, 2009)
    • Initial
  • 0.2 (April 11, 2009)
    • Rewrote to be modular
    • Added more forms
  • 0.3 (tba)
    • More forms?
    • Add rules for special verbs
  • 0.4 (tba)
    • Detect adjectives (take from a common list?) and remove forms
    • Add plain form forms (like indirect quotes, dependent if, etc.)
  • 0.5 (tba)
    • Show sound changes
  • 1.0 (tba)
    • Integrate into wiki
  • Other possible features
    • New section: dynamic form combination (user can select forms to combine)
    • New section:Search Korean Wiki
  • Option to give contracted or non contracted forms (보아 vs 봐 etc)

List error cases:

  • Doesn't seem to be detecting 아/어 cases.


  • A meter for politeness or rudeness? For example cuss words can be rated on it's offensiveness.
  • Info on who you can use it to, for example 구라(lie) should only be used to friends, it could be rude to a person you don't know. There are other slangs where it might be ok to use it to people you don't know.


  • A section on words that are considered feminine or masculine. For example it's mostly women who say 미워 to men. Also the interrogative form A/V + 니 sounds feminine where as men mostly use A/V + 냐 instead.
  • 사투리 section with each dialect.
  • A list of important 한자 - 과, 대, 중, 소, 인, 출, 입, 불 etc

Special Pages

these probably shouldn't be listed in the community portal since we should probably control them