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  • Front page should be rewritten to share both of the cofounders mutual reasons for starting this wiki project.
    • I went ahead and changed the text. You can edit it again if you think anything needs it. -Mstrum 05:31, 13 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Remove the skins table temporarily. Waiting on a bug fix and the update should be posted here
  • About this site section should have 2 sections, one from each cofounder and their personal reasons why they started this wiki project. (Maybe not?)
  • Guidelines for taking photos
    • I added a place holder here -Mstrum 05:31, 13 April 2009 (UTC)
  • A template asking for a native speaker to clear up some issue, definition or usage. For example "This page needs clarification from a native speaker or expert. Reason: _______ "
  • For subway color usage as well as Korean colors for tables. Grey and white tables can look dull after a while.
  • Special youtube video account for our website
  • Videos or animated gifs showing conjugation in action for irregular verbs as well as the differences in V + 다가 vs V + 았 / 었 + 다가 (etc).
  • A sandbox
  • Special custom message before the user creates a page or makes an edit (like wikipedia does)
  • Make the getting started page more special looking.
  • Similar to the learning 한글 section, a step by step section for learning Korean.
  • Section that makes comparisons for grammar, for example when to use each future tense and 하다 vs 되다 verbs. What do we name it?
  • If we don't mind using outside content, we could include nice videos done by people like on relevant pages. For example, I think they have a video Hangeul lesson. Along with providing information, we can also organize the great stuff on the net. That would help make it so we don't have to create so much original content (at least in the beginning).
How about making our own youtube videos for completed vocabulary pages? This would have to be in the future after we get all the basics done. - Bluesoju 02:07, 16 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Add a section with a list of good books as well as reviews. I think this would be quite helpful for those wanting to learn. . . I've been pretty much hunting the internet and bookstores in Korea to pick up the books I use. Another list of useful web resources would also be useful.

Grammar template

  • Add language translation to the button
  • Table for conjugation rule?
  • Colored tables ?
  • Cases for past tense, present tense, future tense if the cases are different

Getting the word out

To-do before campaigning

  • Complete guidelines, standards and help


Software or extensions

  • Anti bot and spam filter for registering.
  • Search suggest box needs to get bigger like wikipedia's. Our's currently stays the same.
  • Extension to include flash content (SWF files)


  • Set up forums (either vBulletin or phpBB would be fine)
  • Set up vBulletin
    • Add link from Top (to the main page) and HelpTop (to a help section)

Learning Hangeul

I've used the talk page for the Learn hangeul section to propose a format so we can begin work on it soon.

Work on toolbar

  • Remove
    • Math
  • Add
    • Languages template
    • stub template
    • notice template
    • video
    • correct template
    • incorrect template

Hangeul Assistant

Check out the current version at the test page

  • 0.1 (April 5, 2009)
    • Initial
  • 0.2 (April 11, 2009)
    • Rewrote to be modular
    • Added more forms
  • 0.3 (April 13, 2009)
    • Initial support for irregular verbs
    • Initial support for pronunciation changes
    • Styled
    • Added support for individual words and full sentences
    • Changed name to reflect that it supports anything typed in Hangeul
  • 0.4 (tba)
    • Link to our learn hangeul page and grammar page
    • Create options
      • Contract (보아 vs 봐 etc)
  • 0.5 (tba)
    • Detect adjectives (take from a common list?) and remove forms
    • Add plain form forms (like indirect quotes, dependent if, etc.)
  • 1.0 (tba)
    • Integrate into wiki
  • Other possible features
    • New section:Dynamic form combination (user can select multiple forms to combine)
    • New section:Search Korean Wiki
  • Good test cases
    • 하다
    • 가다
    • 되다
    • 나누다
    • 오다
    • 열다
    • 어렵다
    • 이다
    • 그렇다
    • 놓다
    • 듣다
    • 낫다
    • 모르다

List error cases:

  • Irregular verbs (not detected)
  • Verb forms (like if verbs should be conjugated or not)
  • Pronunciation (any wrong or non-existing rules)
    • 싫어 -> 시러
    • Conformation on: ㄹ+ㅅ = ㄹ+ㅆ?
    • ㄱ/ㄺ+ㄱ=ㄱ+ㄲ?
    • I think there's other rules on two consonants by each other where the next consonant becomes 쌍
  • Other

Text Message Program

A flash program that could be embedded and has a screen like a phone. The user can use standard or "sky" mode and practice text messaging in Korean. The result should look like as if it was being typed on a real phone. Bluesoju 04:42, 13 April 2009 (UTC) (my new name)


  • A meter for politeness or rudeness? For example cuss words can be rated on it's offensiveness.
    • Maybe a star rating template we can use other places? (like {{1star}} or {{rating|1}})
  • Info on who you can use it to, for example 구라(lie) should only be used to friends, it could be rude to a person you don't know. There are other slangs where it might be ok to use it to people you don't know.
  • Warning for mature content sections necessary? (sexual words and cuss words)
    • Yeah, we should probably have a sub-section of offensive and adult-natured content


  • A section on words that are considered feminine or masculine. For example it's mostly women who say 미워 to men. Also the interrogative form A/V + 니 sounds feminine where as men mostly use A/V + 냐 instead.
  • 사투리 section with each dialect.
  • A list of important 한자 - 과, 대, 중, 소, 인, 출, 입, 불 etc