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  • Remove the skins table temporarily. Waiting on a bug fix and the update should be posted here
  • Guidelines for taking photos needs to be expanded on
  • For subway color usage as well as Korean colors for tables. Grey and white tables can look dull after a while.
  • Videos or animated gifs showing conjugation in action for irregular verbs as well as the differences in V + 다가 vs V + 았 / 었 + 다가 (etc).
  • Similar to the learning 한글 section, a step by step section for learning Korean.
  • Section that makes comparisons for grammar, for example when to use each future tense and 하다 vs 되다 verbs. What do we name it?
  • If we don't mind using outside content, we could include nice videos done by people like on relevant pages. For example, I think they have a video Hangeul lesson. Along with providing information, we can also organize the great stuff on the net. That would help make it so we don't have to create so much original content (at least in the beginning).
How about making our own youtube videos for completed vocabulary pages? This would have to be in the future after we get all the basics done. - Bluesoju 02:07, 16 April 2009 (UTC)
That could be very useful -Mstrum 01:31, 17 April 2009 (UTC)
Also similarly to how you use youtube videos on your site, how about some clips for slang and perhaps idioms. We can display the subtitle in Korean and English and show a short clip from a movie or show. For example at the beginning of Old Boy one of the cops says that "this guy must really want to eat 콩밥" and that could be added on the 콩밥 page. Perhaps we might want to create a separate youtube account so these little clips don't clutter your old account. -Bluesoju 00:12, 20 April 2009 (UTC)
  • More userboxes, like "This user is a level 3 student at SNU/Yonsei/Sogang."
  • Quiz for vocabulary pages
  • Vocabulary pages translated for individual programs, i.e. microsoft word, utorrent etc
  • Korean name page. List common Korean names and rules about how to tell the gender of a person based upon the name.

Getting the word out

To-do before campaigning

  • Complete guidelines, standards and help
  • Professional video introduction(?)
  • Translating important pages to Korean.


  • Send messages to K-bloggers
  • Find other language learning sites and post a message
  • Posting a flier at Language schools in Seoul
  • Emailing other Korean university programs and asking them to join.
  • Emailing Korean university clubs.
  • Facebook

Software or extensions


  • Set up forums (either vBulletin or phpBB would be fine)
    • Add link from Top (to the main page) and HelpTop (to a help section)


  • A section on words that are considered feminine or masculine. For example it's mostly women who say 미워 to men. Also the interrogative form A/V + 니 sounds feminine where as men mostly use A/V + 냐 instead.
    • Good idea, maybe this could be one part of a new section like 'Spoken' or 'Conversation'
  • The search on here sucks, it can't even find the pattern A/V + (으)ㄹ지도 모르다 using the search term n(으)ㄹ지 모르다. Needs to be fixed or users to effectively find grammar patterns.
  • Article on how to write emails? Links to sites that can help with learning how to type in Korean, like flash based typing games?
  • Information on different Korean dialects? Can be compltely separate from other parts of the wiki, available for those who speak Seoul Korean comfortably and are curious about how other people speak.

Logo and Background

Idea for a new logo
  • New logo, something more complex and unique.
  • Background ok for now?
  • Extension for picking different backgrounds?