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There are many ways to contribute to this wiki. For sections that need urgent attention, please check the community portal. For contributing in general, see the sections below to a category that might best suit your skills.

If you have an idea on how to contribute that isn't listed below, feel free to just add your own content. The stuff below is only a guideline, there are many good ideas out there and we surely didn't list them all.

Hanja in use, 대, 중, 소. We need more pictures with Hanja in use

Do you have a camera that takes high quality pictures?

  • Some of the pictures on this website were taken on a camera phone, if you have a higher quality one, upload a new version of that image. See the category camera phone images to see which pictures need to be replaced with a higher quality image.
  • We need pictures of Chinese characters, hanja (한자), in use for our hanja vocabulary pages. If you see a sign with hanja in use, please take a picture of it and upload it.
  • We need pictures of anything that could go on any of the vocabulary pages. For examples on the types of pictures that would be suitable, look at the subway vocabulary page for examples of how pictures can improve vocabulary pages.
  • Any picture you think would be beneficial to learning Korean or measuring one's ability in Korean.
  • Pictures should also have an explanation and translation in the image's description.

For examples see: Images and photos

Korean audio.pngAudio and recording
Book.pngKorean language student or exchange student
Paint.pngArtist or graphic designer
Editing.pngAre you a native speaker of Korean?
English lang.png
Korean lang.png
Chinese lang bw.png
中文 (简体): n/a
Japanese lang bw.png
日本語: n/a
Spanish lang.png
Portuguese lang.png
Tagalog lang bw.png
Tagalog: n/a