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  • The audio on this site must in mp3 format. No other formats allowed, especially the .ogg format used on wikipedia.

How to create an mp3

to be added later:

  • Source: Digital camera
  • Source: wav
  • Source: another audio format
  • Mp3s must be encoded at 11.025 kHz, 22.050 kHz, or 44.100 kHz otherwise they won't play properly. This is an error from 1 Pixel Out Audio player.
  • This site uses the Flashmp3 extention to play mp3s. 128kbps biterate is fine, however you might want to go up to 192kbps if you think the quality is important, anything higher is probably not necessary on this website. Please do not encode at a really high biterate unless absolutely necessary.

Posting an Mp3

  • First, upload the mp3 file and fill in the appropriate information.
  • Rather than copying any code from the sections below, you may now just click on Button mp3.png from the toolbar to automatically paste the code. The code from the toolbar will come out as:
  • Change "filename.mp3" to filename of the audio you just uploaded.
  • Note there are already paramaters set to make the colors the Korean red and blue. Please use these default colors unless you have a special reason to use another color.
  • The player will look like this:
  • Multiple mp3 files may be played on one player, see the basic code examples below.

Basic Code Examples

Other examples:

  • The code below plays an uploaded mp3-file called mymp3.mp3.
  • The code below plays the two uploaded files mymp3.mp3 and yourmp3.mp3 one after the other, autostarts playing when the site is loaded and loops the files.

Parameter Reference

Option Effect
autostart=yes The player will automatically open and start to play the track (default value is no)
loop=yes The track will be looped indefinitely (default value is no)
bg=0xHHHHHH Background color option (where HHHHHH is a valid hexadecimal color value such as FFFFFF or 009933)
leftbg=0xHHHHHH Left background color
rightbg=0xHHHHHH Right background color
rightbghover=0xHHHHHH Right background color (hover)
lefticon=0xHHHHHH Left icon color
righticon=0xHHHHHH Right icon color
righticonhover=0xHHHHHH Right icon color (hover)
text=0xHHHHHH Text colour
slider=0xHHHHHH Slider color
loader=0xHHHHHH Loader bar color
track=0xHHHHHH Progress track color
border=0xHHHHHH Progress track border color

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