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Welcome to the Korean Wiki Project,
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Welcome to the Korean Wiki Project

  • Welcome to the community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on the Korean Wiki Project and how to contribute.
  • If you are looking for the latest news on this site, check out the main page on www.koreanwikiproject.com
  • Wikis work best when talent comes from the many different walks of life. Every person has something unique to contribute. Please find an area where you can contribute best and help this wiki become the best source for learning "real" Korean. Remember you don't have to even be good at Korean to contribute, there are many tasks we need help with!

Editing.png General Tasks

There are many ways to contribute. For basics ways on how you can contribute to this wiki, see the contributing page.
Do you understand many words in Korean and are able to produce accurate explanations? The vocabulary pages always need expanding or editing, and your help would be much appreciated.
Stubs are articles that are incomplete and need some work. If there is anything you can do to add more to these or even finish an article, then by all means please do so.
If you have a digital camera and live in Korea, please snap pictures of signs, electronic equipment with Korean buttons, or anything that might have some use for learning Korean. For example pictures, see Help:Images and photos or Category:Images.
Looking for a simple task? How about just adding lyrics to the latest Korean songs in the music section? These lyrics can be interpreted by more experienced users and expanded into a learning material by providing brief insight into grammar concepts utilized in the song.
To Do
Look through the tasks on the to do page to see if there is any task with which you can help. A number of important assignments sometimes appear on this list, posted by users who would like assistance from the community.
Have any ideas for this project? Please add them to the brainstorm page and help the wiki grow.

More ways to Contribute

Urgent orange.png Urgent Tasks

All of the below entries are important tasks. If you can, please contribute to these articles in any way possible to help fill in pages that have been identified as important.


Internet and text messaging
We need more work done on this page. Please add content to this page.
Sogang and Yonsei categories needed!
We already have categories up for grammar patterns that appear in the Seoul National University program in the grammar pattern section. However we need current and former Sogang and Yonsei students to categorize grammar patterns for their respective text books. For example, if you see a grammar pattern that appeared in the level 1 book of the Sogang program, add [[Category:Sogang Level 1 Grammar]] or if there is a grammar pattern in Yonsei's level 3 grammar add [[Category:Yonsei Level 3 Grammar]] to the bottom of the particular grammar page (and so on). As an example here are the categories for SNU:
Welcome template
Could someone please translate this into Korean as well? Just translate the basics and leave the links the same, I will fix the links.
Passive form
We need a more complete list of passive verbs.
Causative form
We need a more complete list of Causative verbs.


Please give these individual pages priority:

Pages that are almost complete

  • Military - if you've been in the Korean military, please add and correct terms.
  • Body actions (vocabulary) - this page needs more terms and needs to be better organized.

Pages that need more done

  • Character and personality (vocabulary) - this page needs more words. There are currently a lot words which need definitions.
  • 아/어 있다 - better definition and more examples.
  • N + 에 - need more meanings of 에 and separate sentence examples.

Pages that have hardly any or no content

Assistant.png Experts and Native Speakers

The grammar pages could always use more detailed or clear explanations. In fact, many of the grammar patterns still need to be defined and need examples. If you are a native speaker, please add sentence examples and explanations.
Grammar comparison
Do you know the distinction between two grammars? Please explain the difference or add more details to an already written article to help clarify some difficult similarities.
Incomplete examples
We need sentence examples for grammar pages, slang pages, proverb pages, and many others. If you are a native speaker, please visit the incomplete examples category to see which pages still need more sentence examples.
Help complete our list of examples for individual Chinese roots or Hanja pages. Add examples, check for correct meanings, or add new characters that you find missing.
Slang and Proverbs
Please help organize and add new slang and proverbs.
Korean translation needed!
The pages listed here need to have a Korean version translated for them. If it is possible, please translate the English and make a Korean version for Korean users.
Add or edit articles about Korean culture or living in Korean in this section.
Visit a random page
Visit a random page and see if you can spot any typos, errors, inaccuracies, or if there is anything you can add to the article. If you find a page much lacking in the quality or quantity of its information, please stub it by adding the following text to the page: [[stub]]

Current major tasks

Reformating Hanja pages

We have made a new template for the hanja pages and need to reformat each one. Please visit: Korean Wiki Project:Current Projects

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