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Learn Hangeul
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This section is for people who are learning the Korean alphabet for the first time. Please remember that 한글 (pronounced: hangeul) refers to the Korean alphabet. Korean itself, that is, 한국어 (hangeugeo) is the Korean language. So, if you can speak Korean but don't know what 한글 means, you are illiterate with respect to Hangul. (This may be because you are an overseas Korean.) Click on a button below to get started learning 한글, the written Korean language.

Note: We recommend that you do not skip step 1 as it contains some important basic information.
Step1 icon.png
Introduction and basic
information on Hangeul
Step2 icon.png
Consonants: ,,,,
Vowels: ,,,
Step3 icon.png
Consonants: ,,,
Vowels: ,,,
Step4 icon.png
Consonants: ,,,,
Vowels: ,,,,,
Step5 icon.png
Final position
(받침) sounds
Step6 icon.png
Consonants ,,,,
Vowels: ,,,,,,


  • Link to each character page which will be described thoroughly.
  • Consonant Assimilation (a.k.a. "reading and pronunciation", "the relationship between written and spoken Korean")
  • Word spacing


Additional practice

Need help distinguishing between some sounds? Here are some more examples (or take the quiz below)


Apps like Quizlet and Anki have digital flashcards made by other learners. You can also use mobile apps like Drops and Memrise for learning with flashcards. If you like using paper flashcards, you can buy them from Amazon or eBay.




What's the point in learning Hangeul when I can just use Romanization?

Simple answer: Romanization is not accurate for Hangeul. Not only is the Romanization system for Korean not very accurate in the first place, but Korean has sounds that do not occur in English or most other languages that use the Latin script. In order to read Korean and pronounce Korean words accurately, you must first learn to read the Korean script itself. Would it make sense to learn English using the Korean script? Of course not, so in the same sense, English cannot represent Korean sounds accurately.

To see the problems of Romanization in more detail, see:

Could I translate this section into another language?

Yes by all means, please contact us via our facebook page and we'll set up the template for you to translate. The more languages the better!

What was your approach to teaching Hangeul on this Wiki


Next Step

Start practicing grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure through repetition and community support here.

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