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Welcome to the Korean Wiki Project,
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Samtaeguk.png Welcome
The Korean Wiki Project is a collaborative effort to unify knowledge on the Korean language and to make the information easily accessible to anyone. First, this site is under major construction. A lot of the articles are incomplete and have been created for future editing. The site hasn't been publicly released yet and won't be until a good amount of articles have been finished.

This website will explain Korean grammar patterns, Korean idioms, slang, along with practical vocabulary words organized by subject. This site will also thoroughly teach you how to read and write Hangeoul (한글), the Korean script, with many examples and even advanced consonant assimilation rules. The site was originally intended to explain everything in English, however as the majority of Korean language students these days are Japanese and Chinese, we encourage users to provide translations in both languages respectively.

One of the goals of this project is to provide the most accurate, in depth information and accurate translations for Korean grammar patterns and vocabulary words where other dictionaries and books fail. Another goal is to make all information on here simple and easy to understand rather than trying to sound as professional and intellectual as possible. There is no point in trying to sound extra articulate when all the person wants to do understand something about Korean.

In order to make use of this wiki, your computer must first properly display Korean characters. If you see boxes, random characters or question marks, throughout this wiki instead of Korean characters, then your computer isn't properly displaying Korean characters. As a test, your browser should properly display the following:

어서 오십시오

For simple instructions on how to make your computer display or input Korean characters go here

Samtaeguk.png Purpose

Anyone who has studied Korean as a second language knows it’s hard to find a book that is both accurate and easy to read. On top of that, most books don’t provide thorough details on grammar usage and don’t describe the feeling certain grammar and words give off. Even the best dictionaries provide no insight into whether the word is mostly used by females, if it’s inappropriate to use to strangers and if the word sounds too formal to use on most occasions. These are often learned in intensive language institutes and through immersing yourself in Korean culture, where using the wrong word might’ve made a few people laugh at your expense.

For students studying at a language institute, the standard text book might not provide enough explanations, examples or have numerous bad translations. So these students often rely on other textbooks (which have their own problems as well) and end up looking through several textbooks. When it’s time to study, no student wants to carry around several textbooks and hunt for the same grammar pattern in each one. Additionally, there will be things the student learns in class that aren’t provided in any of their textbooks.

With a wiki, people who have figured out the accurate translation for Korean grammar patterns can give their own 2 cents and put up their own articles. Telling the textbook it’s wrong isn’t going to change anything, whereas in a wiki if you see something wrong you can fix it yourself and add your own insight. Furthermore no one wants to carry around several text books and pages of notes and go searching through them; it’s much easier to pull up an article on this wiki, not to mention it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. For more information, see about Korean Wiki Project.

Samtaeguk.png Learning Korean

If you're completely new to Korean, you should learn Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, first. You can also browse the articles in the basics section.

If you are confused about how to exactly use this wiki, see the getting started section for more information.

Have an article creation or explanation request? Please make one here and we will try to prioritize it.

Samtaeguk.png We Need Your Help

As with all good wikis, we need a number of good contributors, both non-native and native speakers alike. Non-native speakers, especially those who have taken Korean classes and own various textbooks, shouldn't shy away from contributing. However, with non-native speakers contributing, not all examples and sentences will come out correctly. There are always sentences that seem good, but still sound awkward to native speakers. This is where having native speakers contributing would be extremely helpful. If you want to start contributing now, please create an account. After creating an account, please visit the getting started guide for more helpful information.

A forum will be added so there can be discussions on standardization of this wiki. Also users in the future will be able to contribute their own skin. We also need some experienced wiki users with help modifying this wiki.

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