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S.Korean paper money

  • <紙幣> - Paper money
  • <新券> - New bills
  • <舊券> - Old bills
    • There are 4 kinds of paper money in South Korea. And 1000won, 5000won, 10000won bills have old style and new style. We usally use the new style bills. But you might see the old style bills somtimes. You can use both of them.
    • The 50,000won bill is issued on June 23, 2009.

천원짜리(1,000won bill)

New 1,000won bill
Old 1,000won bill

오천원짜리(5,000won bill)

New 5,000won bill
Old 5,000won bill

만원짜리(10,000won bill)

New 10,000won bill
Old 10,000won bill

오만원짜리(50,000won bill)

50,000won bill

동전 (Coin)

S.Korean coins

  • <銅錢> - Coin
    • There are 4 kinds of coin in South Korea. 10won coins also have new and old styles. You can use both of them.

십원짜리 (10won coin)

10won coin

  • Big one is old style, small one is new style.

오십원짜리 (50won coin)

50won coin

백원짜리 (100won coin)

100won coin

오백원짜리 (500won coin)

500won coin

수표 (Check)

S.Korean check

  • 수표 <手票> - Check
    • You have to enter your name and phone number or ID number at the back side of check when you use it.

카드 (Card)

S.Korean Card

  • 카드 <信用--> - Credit card
  • 체크카드 - Debit card

문화상품권 (Culture Merchandise Coupon)

S.Korean Culture merchandise coupon

  • <文化> - Culture
  • <商品券> - Merchandise coupon
    • There are many different types of culture merchandise coupon. You can use it like money at theater, bookstore, convenience store, and internet shopping.

교통카드 (Traffic card)

S.Korean Traffic card

  • 카드 <交通--> - Traffic card
    • There are many different types of traffic card - card type, cell phone accessory type, bracelet type, etc.
      And there are a few kinds of traffic card company - T money, U pass, etc. But T money card is the best, most popular, most convenience. You can use the T money for bus, subway, taxi. Also, you can use it at convenience store, vending machine, public telephone, etc.
    • You have to put some money into the T money card before using. But if you want a post payment type, go to the bank and open an account, and then you can get a traffic card of post payment type. But you can use this one only subway and bus.