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This article will show you how to order delivery in Korea with audio examples and translations. We will try to provide many examples in the future.

Basic Vocabulary

  • 배달 - delivery
  • 주소 - address
  • 주문 - order
  • 연락처 - phone number
  • 결제 - payment
    • 카드 - credit card(신용카드), debit card(체크카드)
    • 현금 - cash

  • 피자 한
  • 치킨 한 마리
  • 자장면 한 그릇
  • 김밥 한

Chinese food


Pizza delivery

The first time ordering pizza will be the hardest time since you will have to give them your address and other information. However major pizza chains like Pizza hut, Domino, Mr.pizza will store your address and other information under your phone number, so if you call again they will just confirm your address with you at the beginning of the call and ask for your order.