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Internet and text messaging
We need more work done on this page. Please add content to this page.
Sogang and Yonsei categories needed!
We already have categories up for grammar patterns that appear in the Seoul National University program in the grammar pattern section. However we need current and former Sogang and Yonsei students to categorize grammar patterns for their respective text books. For example, if you see a grammar pattern that appeared in the level 1 book of the Sogang program, add [[Category:Sogang Level 1 Grammar]] or if there is a grammar pattern in Yonsei's level 3 grammar add [[Category:Yonsei Level 3 Grammar]] to the bottom of the particular grammar page (and so on). As an example here are the categories for SNU:
Welcome template
Could someone please translate this into Korean as well? Just translate the basics and leave the links the same, I will fix the links.
Passive form
We need a more complete list of passive verbs.
Causative form
We need a more complete list of Causative verbs.