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Thanks to the internet and wiki technology, it's easier than ever to get material translated into another language. When people collaborate, things become more accurate and get done faster. In the end, numerous people around the world benefit from this. Thank you to all our current translators! If you want to jump in and help, just feel free to do so!

Translating Anki flashcards

In order to translate Anki flashcards, you need to first have anki. You can download the latest version here.

Translating Talk To Me In Korean lessons

Many of our users have been translating lesson's for Talk To me In Korean. Please see this section for more detail: Talk to Me In Korean Lessons

List of current translators

Here is a list of translators currently working with us. You can contact the other translators If you are a translator, sign your name under the language you are translating by writing.

~~~~ . This will link to your username and people can leave messages on your talk page.

For example - DigitalSoju 05:51, 31 October 2011 (PDT)

Arabic (العربية)

  1. Nourose
  2. Aicha

Bulgarian (Български)

  1. Anna.asenova

Chinese (simplified) [中文 (简体)]

  1. Haha350725
  2. Maygee92
  3. PaeYeon
  4. Changjian2007

Chinese traditional [中文 (繁體) ]

  1. Wintergreen

Creole [Kreyòl ayisyen]

Czech (Čeština)

  1. Mateus

Dutch (Nederlands)

  1. Miraker

Finish [Suomi]

  1. Silja
  2. Ginylee

Flemish (Vlaams)

  1. Peter Raeves

French [Français]

  1. Beliviane

German [Deutsch]

  1. Sabrin InNae
  2. LeilaU
  3. Boraas
  4. CrossfireP (talk) 12:39, 22 November 2012 (GMT+1)

Hebrew (עִבְרִית)

  1. Wolf h
  2. WatashiDesu
  3. DontEvenSpeakKorean 03:14, 27 December 2011 (PST)

Hungarian (Magyar nyelv)

  1. Harkai Daniella

Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

  1. Andrea
  2. Pestaria
  3. Ttmik indonesia
  4. Siska
  5. KIDE777

Italian (Italiano)

  1. Tania
  2. Diotima

Japanese [日本語]

  1. Yuichipotter

Malaysian (Bahasa Malaysia

  1. Leejoux
  2. Erlynda
  3. Raconteur
  4. Hxnis

Portuguese (Português)

  1. Heartborne

Portuguese (Brazilian) [Português Brasileiro

  1. Kbelo55
  2. Cecilia
  3. Sacristy
  4. Lurodrigo

Polish (Język Polski)

  1. Kangso
  2. Tieu

Romanian (Română)

  1. ANCA
  2. Isabelle
  3. Oana

Russian (Русский язык)

Serbian (Српски)

Slovenian (Slovenščina)


Please also list your country.

  1. Zyan
  2. IvonneD.
  3. Niltze
  4. Diana Ibarra
  5. Hayunspain
  6. nanie27
  7. Sol880911
  8. Laura MP : Spain


Thai (ภาษาไทย)

  1. Parfait
  2. Piggyrabbit

Turkish (Türkçe)

  1. MeLek
  2. K.Nur
  3. Beyza91
  4. esmara
  5. Efsun
  6. Haneul-mul

Vietnamese (tiếng Việt)

  1. Nguyet Huynh
  2. ZhEEy

Other Translation projects