A/V + (으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 것 같다

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Grammar pattern : Description


Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: If there is no 받침 or if the adjective/verb stem has ㄹ as a 받침
Rule 2: If there is a 받침 at the end of the adjective/verb stem

Conjugation Examples

  • 움직이다 + 는 것 같다 = 움직이는 것 같다
  • 오다 + 는 것 같다 = 오는 것 같다
  • 가다 + 는 것 같다 = 가는 것 같다
  • 울다 + 는 것 같다 = 우는 것 같다(ㄹ irregular verbs )
  • 놀다 + 는 것 같다 = 노는 것 같다(ㄹ irregular verbs )

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
저 그림이 움직이는 것 같아. It seems like that picture is moving. Low form
비가 오는 것 같아. I guess it's raining. Low form
"철수는 뭐해요?"
"공부하는 것 같아요."
"What is Chul-Su doing?"
"I think he is studying."
Polite informal form
"영희가 어디 사는지 알아요?"
"면목동에 사는 것 같아요."
"Do you know where Young-Hee lives?"
"I guess she lives in Myoun Mok Dong."
Polite informal form
집에 아무도 없는 것 같아. I guess there is no one in this house. Low form
나는 프로그래밍에 소질이 없는 것 같아요. I don't think I have a good head for programming. Polite informal form
"철수는 자요?"
"아직 안 자는 것 같아."
"Is Chul-Su sleeping?"
"I don't think he's sleeping yet."
Low form


  • Special pronunciation rule?

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