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N + 인 것 같다 : This pattern is used for supposition. It is roughly equivalent to ~ looks like, ~ seems like, ~ appears that or ~ think(s) that.


Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: Noun + 인 것 같다 If there is no 받침 or if the adjective/verb stem has ㄹ as a 받침 벌레인 것 같다
Rule 2: Noun + 인 것 같다 If there is a 받침 at the end of the adjective/verb stem 사람인 것 같다

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
그 사람은 한국인인 것 같아. I gthink he is Korean. Low form
그것은 벌레인 것 같아. I think it's a warm. Low form
이게 무슨 소리지?
도둑인 것 같아.
What's that noise?
I think it's a burglar.
Low form
이게 물이야, 소주야?"
물인 것 같아.
Is this water of soju?
I think that's water.
Low form
어느 쪽으로 가야할까요?
이쪽인 것 같아요.
Which way do we have to go?
I think it's this way.
Polite informal form
철수씨 어때요?
좋은 사람인 것 같아요.
what's Chul Su like?"
I think he is a good person.
Polite informal form
영희 생일이 언제인지 기억나?
오늘인 것 같아.
Do you remember when Young Hee's birthday is?
I think it's today.
Low form
홍교수님이 어느 분인지 아세요?
저 분인것 같아요.
Do you know who Professor Hong is?
"I guess that person is Mr.Hong.
Polite informal form


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