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This is the page where you can find any information on how to create or edit Chinese root pages.


  • Roots should be wrapped in two equal signs with the Chinese character followed by a list of English meanings in parentheses
  • English equivalents should be separated by commas with only the first word being capitalized
  • You should add the template Template:Hanja to the top of each page by typing {{Hanja}}


  • Chinese characters should link to their specific section in the root page. For example. links to it's own section.
  • To create a redirect, make sure the title is finalized. If the title changes, the redirect will only point to the root page. If you see a root that does this, please fix it. Create a new page or edit the page with the title being the Chinese root (like 大). If there isn't a redirect already, click on the #R button in the toolbar which creates a redirect. Remember, the name of the section must be exact for it to work well. The format is #REDIRECT [[CHINESE_CHARACTER#EXACT_NAME_OF_SECTION]]
    • Example: #REDIRECT [[대#大 (Big, large)]]
  • The redirect pages should be places in the Hanja category
    • Make sure to organize by the Korean letter.
  • If you do change the title of a Chinese root section, please edit the redirect. You can edit the redirect by copying the Chinese character into the search box, going to that page (which will redirect you to the root page if it already exists), and clicking the Chinese root under the page title you end up on (you can always do this for redirects, it will say something like Redirected from ~~).

Root Page Standards

  • If a page name appears in other places in Korean, create a disambiguation section. For example, should have a disambiguation section for the 와/과 grammar form.
  • Sections should be title with the Chinese-form followed by the translated equivalence in parentheses.
  • Please link the other Chinese roots used. For 입구 on the 구 page, you would type [[입]]구 in the wiki format. That creates something that looks like 구.
  • If there are multiple pages for a given Chinese roots (like 여 and 녀), please reference the other page at the bottom of the root page.

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